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The Police ARE Your Enemy. Do You Understand Yet?
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The Police ARE Your Enemy. Do You Understand Yet? MP4 Truth Wake up Sheeple Crimes Against Humanity REVOLUTION NOW! INSURRECTION NOW! Turn off your teLIEvision Government Tyranny LYNCH THE BASTARDS!
2019-02-12 02:36:38 GMT
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The Police ARE Your Enemy. Do You Understand Yet.mp4 - 4min 52s 854 x 480

Wake up Sheeple, Protecting and Serving the Shit out of you, AND TRAUMATIZING CHILDREN TOO!! We need to burn this corrupt system down to the ground, start riots in your local neighborhood, burn flags, we need WORLDWIDE REVOLUTION/INSURRECTION/INSURGENCY NOW!! Storm the Castle and lynch the bastards for Crimes Against Humanity and TREASON!! Who has the courage/balls to do ANYTHING, STOP just sitting idly by while our nations and our freedoms/rights are being eroded on a daily basis!! TURN OFF YOUR teLIEvision AND DO SOMETHING!!

Shocking police body camera footage shows Arizona cops Matt Schneider and Mark Lindsey taze Johnny Wheatcroft 11 times, even in the testicles, on July 27, 2017. Wheatcroft is now suing the two Glendale Police officers for 'excessive use of force and torture'. Wheatcroft, 37, was sitting with his wife, a friend, and his two young sons, aged 11 and six, in the back when the officers approached his Ford Taurus, saying they observed a seat belt violation. Tensions escalated to the point that Wheatcroft was repeatedly tazed. At one point Officer Schneider pulled down Wheatcroft's shorts to fire at his testicles. Glendale Police said that they already reviewed the incident and disciplined an officer involved. Schneider was suspended for 30 hours and remains on active duty.

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