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Tom Rush-The Circle Game (40th Anniv. Expanded remastered)
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2019-06-25 13:30:06 GMT
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The quality of this CD is amazing. Deep bass and clear highs. The engineer did a wonderful job of transferring the original recording to CD. 

The first time I saw and heard Tom Rush perform was at the old Club 47 in Cambridge, MA soemtime in the late 1960s. His distinctive and singular vocal style and intricately lyrical guitar work sets a mood that I've never seen surpassed. All of the music here is terrific, from "Urge For Going" to "Shadow Dream Song" to the long and dreamy "Rockport Sunday/No Regrets" guitar solo (which sounds to the untrained ear like a instrumental guitar duet but is just Rush alone working his special magic on both ends of the guitar frets masterfully). There isn't a 'dog" in the set, and if you want to get a good idea of what folkies are referring to when they talk about spellbinding singer/songwriter/artists, try on Mr. Rush and this CD. Nice to know that he is still around and still recording and singing, and that he also has a new "Greatest Hits" album, which is also quite good. I recommend that as well, though I must confess I prefer the version of "No Regrets" on this CD, as it is fresher, cleaner, and not so heavily orchestrated. This is the absolutely essential New England folk music album, the singular creative product of a talented home-grown New Hampshire boy who gravitated to the big city, graduated from Harvard University with a degree in English Literature even as he began his casual walk toward his special place in sixties folk history. Buy the CD, listen to it, and ENJOY! Believe me, you'll have 'no regrets', and no 'urge for going' anyplace but right here in front of your stereo listening to this timeless music. (Amazon review)