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2007-03-22 04:02:06 GMT

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Thank you! can you seed please :)
im tryiang im doing my best only have 10mbit upstream.
u own charmota :D
Nice one, cheers.
i get 360 kb/s :D very nice!!!
This episode is better than those of the past few weeks. Torrent is good.
tnx dude _)
Download speed was around 600 kb/s. But when it was finished, the file was nowhere to be
Thankyou much appreciated
Jag seedar efteråt, men jag har bara 1mbit uppströms -.-

this caph group has no idea how to encode.

last week he screwed it badly. someone explained on the eztv forum something about putting 15 frames per whatever of sound instead of the normal one:one

i don't know but sure as fuck this will not play on most home players, only on the computer
good quality sound and vid on computer,
it was a mistake that i did, there is no text or subtitle sorry.
English & swedish subtitles for this release @ MoTechSubs:
this one turned out corrupted for me. fucking shite. Im getting the XOR one now.
anyone who has been following this issue will be amused at the response of eztvfnet. there are almost 100 posts, most complaining that CAPH cannot encode.
the official response from the admin is:

1. you are all lying: there is no problem
2. buy a new dvd player
3. fuck off from this site if you don't like it

the 'scene' in this case is worse than the MPAA or RIAA!

rather than remove Caph until he learns how to encode, rather than put up another version from the many many reputable and competent groups who have been giving us great shows, eztvfnet has decided to do the work of the tv industry, and encourage millions of people to download crap epidsodes that won't play on home players!

these guys should go to work for aol.
thank you poopoo for the very constructive advice. this may have helped with last week's lost episode 12.
but the problem caph sets us this week is that 5 or so mins into the show the audio goes all to hell. not just a slight sync problem but a major one that seems to get worse.

oddly, the show plays fine on the computer. again it is just on home players the issue arises.

i would love to know how to fix this.

i tried your suggestion and it did not work
i tried using mpeg4modifier to 'unpack' the stream [whatever that means] and that did not work either.

makes us appreciate the good work other rippers have been doing. caph is such a ***
ok this has annoyed me so much i have spent time researching.
if you look at gspot you will see the asshole caph once again used OPENDML[AVIv2.0]

that seems to be the problem since the working, no problems, XOR release uses the regular AVIv1.0

if there is a way to recode into v1.0 i surely don't know how to do it, but would love to know
Great episode! :D